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Just Be…!!!

Nothing was unusual about this particular Friday…with the exception of a life lesson or two…it was an absolutely gorgeous, exceptionally exciting, and normal day! 

After retrieving the boys from school, I traveled to the local Shell gas station and allowed them to choose a treat, which is a customary and amusing occurrence every Friday!  While in the store, we ventured to a section we’ve never visited…the Icee/Milkshake area! Usually the boys select a piece of candy, but not this particular Friday…well…one son selected candy! 

Consumed in profound conversation with another Mother and her older son (may be 14/15) and daughter (may be 12) concerning the quality of the milkshakes, I did not notice that Karter (5) had acquainted himself with the Icee machine! Following the furrowed brows and startled expression on the other Mother’s face, I quickly realized that Karter had engaged the Icee machine, since trickling slowly from his sweet little face were the remnants of a red, icy substance! The other Mother’s son lavished praise upon Karter for his exploits while I scurried to locate napkins to clean his face! 

Karter was somewhat perplexed by the other Mother’s son’s admiration, but the admiration wasn’t lost on Korbin (7)! In fact, Korbin, to everyone’s shock, purposely depressed the button on the Icee machine allowing a massive gust of the icy, colorful concoction to saturate his WHITE shirt! 

He stood drenched and poised to be congratulated on his efforts! There was no praise…no high five for him! Only silence…!

The other Mother’s son continued his conversation with Karter, and as I approached Korbin to dry his Icee soaked arms, I could hear Karter being complimented for wearing Angry Bird pajamas to school! 

Since Karter was detained, a convenient privilege to speak with Korbin, out of the hearing of the others, presented itself! 

Glaring and resounding to me was Korbin’s desire for affirmation/attention from a complete stranger! In that moment and the millions of moments to come and forever and always, his importance, his value, his presence, his beauty, his character, his resolve, his gifting, etc. are relevant and essential and outstanding and warrant frequent and sincere addressing with GOD’s pure and unadulterated love! 

I understood and appreciated Korbin’s longing to be seen…to really matter! Then, I considered us – you and me – and our desire to really matter…to be fully appreciated for just being who we are…to be noticed for nothing more than for who we are! 

I wonder how many of us possess a deficit that requires attention? How many of us are unequivocally certain of who we are and don’t require man’s validation? How many of us embrace the fact that we were created by THE MASTER CRAFTSMAN who makes no mistakes?  How many of us are so confident in ourselves that we don’t contort ourselves into some unrecognizable entity or do something completely out of character just to be complimented? 
Did you know that GOD validates us? And with all certainty, I am assured that we matter to HIM.

The Cross = Proof!!! 

There aren’t enough wardrobe changes, dance numbers, recitals, speeches we could render, passages we could scribe, houses we can keep tidy, children we can raise, dinner we can prepare, contracts we can land, plans we can execute, or volunteered time we can offer that would satiate the world to the point that we would hear an unconditional, “Well Done”! It’s never enough! 

You see, we perform for the world and receive nothing notable (a drenched, Icee laden WHITE shirt and no applause)! Conversely, GOD requires that we just be… (Note…I feel such peace writing that fact)! 

Just be! That’s all! JUST BE!

The next time you feel inclined, through your actions, to scream aloud or silently…”Look at me”, REMEMBER who you are and to WHOM you belong!


With that, let’s take our tap shoes, our top hats, our magic wands, our tutus, our ballet slippers, our wardrobe changes, and the various masks we wear and permanently discard them…and bask in the only validation that is ESSENTIAL to our well being!!!! 

Now please excuse me while I gather some items no longer required and head to the dumpster! Come join me…!


*This passage was previously shared 6 years ago with a very small and treasured group of people. I pray you find it relevant and helpful. *