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She is crazy amazing! I met her years ago.

She makes an indelible impression. She is striking, indeed!

Determined. Resilient. Witty. Diligent. Giving. Loving. A Spitfire.

She does not mince words, and she’s definitely not afraid to unapologetically offer her authentic opinion! Her strength is evident and it empowers me! Once she told me, “You need to get some grit in your crow.” In essence, with one of her original and unique euphemisms, she encouraged me to stop accepting less than from others and to start speaking truth from a place of power. She has modeled this specific attribute since I can recall…never accepting less than the best from others. 

She introduced me to GOD! I watched her worship. I enjoyed witnessing to her praise her SAVIOR. She allowed me to accompany her to revivals and “sangings” (choir concerts…Ha) when I was a child! GOD’s impact on her life, their relationship, her love for HIM is so palpable, so inviting, very beautiful, overwhelmingly attractive. She made GOD real for me! GOD is real to me because of her very special and intimate relationship with HIM! 

I visited her in the rehab hospital a few weeks ago. Though ill, she was in complete control…in charge of her care. I sympathized with her therapists, as she made clear to them what she would and would not do. She has always been in command since I can remember.

In the last few days, the sweet sound of her voice has morphed into low moans and painful squeals. She’s sleeping, resting excessively, as her 84 year old body demands stillness.  We talk every Sunday, and we can’t today, for her words have been quieted. Still, I honor her. I will always honor her! I am…because she is…!


She is the beautiful matriarch of my family.

She is Rosia Lee Bean.

She is my Grandmother! 

Unforeseen circumstances preclude me from speaking with her today, but I’m grateful to have captured voicemails from her. I’m thrilled to have secured the beauty of her voice in my heart…forever! 

Sacred is this day…and sacred is the soul of my Grandmother, who led me to the ONE I am assured is speaking with her now as she rests! 

While I await GOD’s eventual plan manifesting for my Grandmother, will you help me pray for her? I’d love for her to awaken and be completely healed, but I submit my will to GOD’s…!

Speak soon… 

GOD + Me + You

Greetings Love!!!

This is my inaugural post! Well…inaugural…meaning the first entry-first blog post for 8thirtytwo. I suppose I could utilize this opportunity, this privilege to welcome you here! You are, indeed, welcome here! I’m so thrilled you’ve decided to join me! I’m not certain how often we’ll meet here, but it will be frequent.

You’ll find that I possess an affinity for the use of exclamation points! Seriously, I really do! I’ll try to moderate my excitement, as our journey together is just beginning and it promises to be quite the adventure! Anytime a truth is revealed…anytime layers are peeled back…anytime I decide to share the intricacies of my life, adventure awaits! Truth is imminent…and where there’s truth, freedom abounds!

So, pull up a chair. Prepare some matcha tea…YUM! Perhaps some coffee, if you like. If nothing else, all I require is you…GOD is already here, and this endeavor will be so much fun, so fulfilling for all of us! GOD and me and you in this space…!!!!!

Meet you here again real soon❣️